What is The Lusts?

It’s the filthy words uttered by nuns under their breath when they finally realize there’s nothing they can do for us.

It’s the abyss of release as vital burden drains from our bodies and we float above watching how filth and love is the only sustenance this rendezvous feeds on.

It’s that bend in your arches that both perfectly wrests magnetic fingers and function as handles when crashing is the theme for the deep night.

It’s that creature inside that you have so desperately leashed and caged that inspires fireworks whenever it gets to truly foam at the mouth

The devil pops up frequently in this artifact. Question why that could ever affect you outside of falling deeply in love with your desires

Did it offend you? 

Come on, there are endless other more deeply offensive things in this world mostly at the fragile hand of others who play by a set of rules you hopefully will never understand. 


Who cares! Send us money and swankify your life. As long as you accept you never had control.