Our crazy second release is out for the world to hear and we have some thoughts on this. But first, where can you listen to it? That’s easy, Lustfamily! We have the official Foxytocin Link Tree right here so you can listen to it on any of your favorite platforms.

Now for the thoughts…

If you are a musician, probably never do an explicit version of your songs. This is the only song we have with dirty language and we dig it that way. If y’all motherfuckers can’t handle the work “motherfucker,” then you really should not be listening to The LUSTS at all. Nearly all of our songs have some kind of adult connotations. We’re named The LUSTS for crissakes! We have not hidden our agenda to sneak in under your radar. We’re actually both hands on the sides of your underwear slowly pulling them down. All the while smiling with some deep eye contact.

We dig dirty language…

The problem is the rest of the internet fucking hates it. Imagine trying to release a song coupled with a sick-ass video made by Philly the Kid and you can’t promote it anywhere. You can’t even see the listener stats on The Lusts’ Spotify. So all that time spent creating and editing and mastering, designing and printing, promoting and hustling and you end up with a song that everyone treats like snake herpes.

Now this post is not a woe-is-me crybaby fest. Foxytocin is a sweet song and we wouldn’t change anything, but if you are a music maker and want your songs to have ANY traction, you can’t use dirty language. It gives you a new respect for hip hop artists with filthy mouths. The fact that you are aware of their music at all is a testament to how great music begs to be spread.

Thanks for listening to the rant. No go save FOXYTOCIN to your playlists!

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