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You’re in for an uncomfortable treat!

Like a warm hand hovering over desperate primate parts with a pinky smashed hard on the circus button. With songs only about shit that actually matters: love, relationships, heartbreak, death and religion.

Best when listened to intravenously

With the sexiest lyrics you might ever hear from a lunatic. With melodies reminiscent of the toil and torture going on behind the scenes of a Disney movie when the directors mistakenly fill the animal’s troughs with vicodin, adderall, and a dash of mad cow disease.

These songs will be the soundtrack to all of your worst decisions, all those moments when you’re proud that you thought twice but still did it anyway. And definitely every time your pounding heart thumps in your throat as you pull their underwear down slowly.

This band was borne out of violent upheaval and we strive to never lose that vulnerability.

What is The LUSTS?