Introducing our very first album, Sacred Psalms for the Lowered, getting released on October 20th! Check out the LIMITED EDITION Wax Mage “Forbidden Safeword” color vinyl

Sacred Psalms for the Lowered WAX MAGE Edition
Sacred Psalms for the Lowered WAX MAGE Edition
WAX MAGE glow through
Back of WAX MAGE Vinyl



Here it is! This is what took so freaking long. Orders for vinyl are still like a year plus out and we finally got our order. Just look at how beautiful that vinyl is. It’s like there’s three sides to it: The opaque pink on the back and the deep blue in the front that fades into the depths and the wavy brain waves when you shine light through it. This is a severely limited edition of 25 so ACT NOW to grab a copy! Go to The LUSTS on Bandcamp to get your own

Chances are, they’re already gone, but there are many more colors available so GO GO GO!

Call to artists

It’s really important to us that everything surrounding The LUSTS looks really sweet. We are always on the lookout to work with people making weird and beautiful art whether it’s painting/drawing, remixers, and video creators.

Are you an artist who’d like to submit artwork to be made into stickers and merch? Contact us with some samples of either stuff you’ve done or stuff you think would work well for this project. We will pay you because we know what being an artist is like. We’re not rich, but will definitely never ask for something for free. Fuck exposure! Pay me!