Alien Angels

There’s an ocean of blackness spread out before us
Alien angels chant the silent chorus

An emptiness like an endless want

Cruising straight into an asteroid
She squeal’s and cover her eyes
There’s so much out there I need to avoid
And too much in here to colonize

We lost our way in a solar flare
Cut off from the Earth in the captain’s chair
And all I can face is a single prayer
… she’s right there

Deep space ramblin’
In a pitch black chasm
A girl a guitar and a shooting star
Deep space ramblin’
In a pitch black chasm
Dancing through the atoms of ethereal phantoms

In space no one can hear you scream
We frolic knee deep through a meteor stream
Angels of aliens eager to find us
As long as this device keeps beeping [beep]


It’s just me and my baby blazing through outer space
Searching a new world to restart the race
Just me and my baby goin intergalactic
Lookin for a home so cosmicly tantric

  • All lyrics Copyright The LUSTS 2022