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I’m a Bad Man

You were drawn to all things flawed
And I showed up as a broken god
Line you up for the firing squad
I shoot you down pornhub applauds

Lust is a beast in a cage
I point it at you a let it rage
I have a secret to share back stage
Don’t pray for me. I remain unsaved

Left hand yellow
right foot red
Never mind a little blood on the bedspread
Right hand blue
Left foot green
Start all over when you crash your limousine

I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it
Consume it, corrupt it, and then resell it
a dirty soul wrapped in velvet
Don’t care if you’ve held it, as long as it’s well lit

I just wanna spank you and never stop
Give you the attention you never got
Keep it in red til the pressure drops
Slither away to a better swamp

Left hand green
right foot red
Sex is a disease that begs to be spread
Right foot yellow
Left hand blue
Authority is nothing but fake news

Feed your flesh until the dance of death
A hurricane in a single breath
Enthusiastic while Jesus wept
I make music how I cook my meth

My soul is kitties and contraband
an abstinence cruise on the way to Thailand
Absorb your essence through my Blackened hand
I breathe over you and watch your blood expand

I say boom tat
A boom tat
Plump your lips
High hat

Boom tat
A boom tat
Arch your back
Pussycat (meow)

I say boom bam
a boom bam
Show your teeth
Little lamb

I say boom bam
A boom bam
You’re a bad man!
Yes I am

Left hand blue
Right foot green
I love your lips it makes me feel unclean

Right foot red
Left hand yellow
Get on up because we’re going to hell, y’all

I got a million streams
I sneak into your memes
I make your children scream
I’m ripe with all the teens
I know it sounds obscene
But I’m slingin’ with the queen, lord

  • All lyrics Copyright The LUSTS 2022