Come kitten come and dance around the fire
Choke your throat on the flames of desire
Peel off your clothes and shake with the tribe
Pull out your soul and let the Gods decide

Tilt your hips til you reach the core
Drown in pleasure til you wash ashore
Snakes in the chicken coop feasting on its plunder
Grow your teeth and bite hard down on the hunger

Surrounded by yearning set to mesmerize
It’s only sleazy if you open your eyes

Just so you know there ain’t no stopping tonight
baptized in the primal right
Daughter of lust
Son of sin
Let the wild wet rumpus begin!


Flames touch the flesh in the filthy moonlight
Give into your lecherous appetites

Bloody chalice
Unholy grail
Want consumes you in a breathless exhale

Craving in a lick
The world in a thrust
Seven deadly sins
But your favorite is lust

  • All lyrics Copyright The LUSTS 2022