Rage [into you]
Rearrange [into you]
Hurricane [into you]
Rampage [into you]

Tantalize [into you]
Rhapsodize [into you]
Lengthwise [into you]
Capsize [into you]

As we evaporate out of anatomy
The atmosphere turns to smoulder
There’s a pageantry in this blasphemy
Sweet little motor-throater

I’m so into you

She whimpers softly afraid of her fate
Passion so sublime you’ll denounce your faith
We’re inching further into instinctual
Sticky fingers of the Honey Ritual
Her eyes beg me, “Whatchu gonna do?!”
About to create a little hullaballoo

Transcendently [into you]
Ferociously [into you]

A little shake shake
of spice on the flesh
You got that snake taste
It’s alright I confess

As we evaporate into the galaxy
A pistol stuck in the holster
There’s immortality in this depravity
They hate you like a dirty roller

I’m so into you

  • All lyrics Copyright The LUSTS 2022