The Ceiling

You wanna feel it? [yeah]
Let me unseal it [please]
You wanna touch it? [yes]
Hover above it [that’s nice]

You wanna taste it? [uh huh]
Wait til it’s basted [oooooh]

Cut your brakes and put a brick on the gas
Your eyes, your boobs, your thighs, that ass

I wanna see it [you may]
Moan like you mean it [ahhh]
I smell your flesh [it’s pretty]
That body’s blessed [my kitty]

Will you bend over [like this?]
Crimson and clover [over and over and…]

This ain’t about concealing
This ain’t about sexual healing
your hunger is so revealing
It’s about to get a feeding
We not only got to clean the sheets
We gotta clean the ceiling

You wanna misbehave? [sure]
Come get enslaved [I want it]
Now for a pop quiz [oh my]
Our safe word is [don’t you fuckin dare stop]

  • All lyrics Copyright The LUSTS 2022