The sea has parted
And all the gods have spoken
No matter what I do
You’ll never be unbroken
I made a voodoo doll
And wrapped it in the hair you left behind
Now that I’m tragically aware of your kind

I did the ritual
That bound your [animus] to this marionette
I’m scared that I’ll regret
Waking an ancient one

I watched you stumble
Knocking the stars out of align
divinity falling from its shrine
A vicious stain that poisoned your bloodline

From when the circle’s drawn
Til the candle wicks are smokin
No matter what I do
You’ll never be unbroken

From those who came before
To the ones their names unspoken
I freed imprisoned godlings for an answer
You’ll never be unbroken

No matter how many old ones
Pledged centuries of my after
No matter how many acolytes
Sent to their disaster
No matter how many bloodenings
Oracles pried for an answer
No matter the phantasms torn from hereafter
The ancient enlightenments, I’ve read every chapter
Alien artifacts, I lit the reactor
Sacred Psalms chanted over primordial matter
Sacrificial offerings. Ashes were scattered
Catastrophes grabbed her and dragged her and slashed her
…Unwrapped her
While malevolence devoured and trembled in rapture

I broke so many covenants
Awoke earth-old enlightenments
Shattered magic-bound encumbrances
But nothing is
And you’ll never never be unbroken

  • All lyrics Copyright The LUSTS 2022