Us Against a Few

I had a dream

I had a dream the people were on the verge of war but one day we all woke up
We’re dying of thirst but someone else owns the cup
All the world’s money was collected up by the super wealthy
While poverty and pain increased to overwhelming 
The people fought each other in the streets for bones and scraps
While the ultra-rich buy Ferraris gift wrapped in cash 
Fascism never happens when a population is taken care of 
There’s so much of that treasure we’ve broken our backs to earn a share of

You’re lookin at me like an enemy
Close your eyes and maybe then you’ll see
It’s never been me against you
It’s us against a [very] [tiny] few


I had a dream

I had a dream about the crimes against humanity by our lapdog law makers
They drink the rich’s piss straight from the cocktail shaker
Our leaders got no reason not to disagree
Because rich stick their dicks all up in our democracy
One day they finally realized that they served the people
They got together and helped their fellow man get delivered from evil 

I had a dream

I had a dream the rich all hired armed guards 
They were all paid handsomely to protect their master’s dragon hordes
And they all finally understood that money wasn’t worth feeling haunted
Their bosses were the reason the world was dying and rotted
The guards were our family but they felt dispossessed
Just when you see us coming brother walk away and let us do the rest

It’s literally eight billion of us against three thousand billionaires with thirteen trillion dollars while we get to fight for the other seven

  • All lyrics Copyright The LUSTS 2022