When We Die Tonight

We’re gonna die tonight

What would you do
if you knew you’re gonna die?
Would you become an escapee
And go on a crime spree
or throw away your precious time?

What would you do
If tonight was all that’s left?
We’re gonna rattle every precious thing
until our souls are repossessed

When we die tonight!
We’re gonna rage this dying light
We gonna die tonight
Could die by shark or in a pillow fight
When we die tonight
Take off your clothes, blow out the pilot light
We gonna die tonight
Into the sun on a non-stop flight

Die die die die die

1 and 1 and 1 and 1 is four
Voted the cutest couple lying dead on the floor

C’mon baby
Let’s do the dance of the dying
We could get arrested
Slip out undetected
for something more satisfying

If you had the chance
before you and life divorce
Would you unhinge undo unzip unglue
and leave an exquisite corpse?

When we die tonight!
Who said that life is a human right?
We gonna die tonight
Could be the flu or ultraviolet light
When we die tonight
solar flare or dyn-o-mite!
We gonna die tonight
a human centipede or meteorite
When we die tonight!
Double-decker bus or a lightning strike
We gonna die tonight
Toaster bath or parasites

Four to one, baby
One in four
We’re dying sexy it’s too bad we’re still poor

All lyrics Copyright The LUSTS 2022