After about a year of slowly chipping away at writing and recording, there are finally enough songs (actually three too many) to release an entire full-length album.

The name of this forthcoming album will be…

Sacred Psalms for the Lowered

This album will cover all aspects of the human condition, but mostly love, lust, desire, death, and kittens. It’s an introduction to your newest, favoritest band, but it won’t be the final chapter! There are lyrics for about another hundred songs, but given the slow and meticulous nature of how the music is written and recorded, album number two is written, but it’s a while away.

Also, the release schedule is pretty boned by the supply chain issues. The CD’s will be easy to come by and, once ordered, will only take about a month or less to have ready for mailing. Vinyl is a whole ‘nother story. There isn’t a single manufacturer that isn’t looking at a year out for finished product in hand.

But if you’re vinyl fan, expect some sick fucking wax coming your way. We are hoping to do many small run (like less than 50 each) prints of this record as well as the standard black for the purists. Once again, this is limited by our manufacturer’s ability to get the plastic to make them.

We really hope you love Sacred Psalms for the Lowered and can hear every bit of love and struggle we put in this music. Stay tuned here to get some concrete release dates. We expect to spend June and some of July 2022 polishing the songs and getting them mastered. This will allow for the music to be released as an album maybeeee sometime Novemberish.

Get your corrective underpants ready. You’re gonna need them!

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