Hey Kids! We have the best news possible! All of the songs for Sacred Psalms for the Lowered have been sent to our AMAZING mastering engineer, George Konings from Worldwide Mastering.

After over a year of writing, composing, mixing, re-mixing, and re-re-re-mixing, it’s finally out of our hands.

What a weird feeling!?

Why (one might ask) would we give up control after being the only one having fingers on every single aspect of every freakin’ second of this album? Sure, Abyssino could probably master this himself, but one thing has become perilously clear: that guy is totally deaf in about 50 different frequencies! When people say, “It hurt my ears,” then you know you’re screwing it all up. Or at least not hearing how nasty frequencies ring out of nowhere wrecking the whole experience.

So ya gotta bring in the “professionals.”

Not only that, George has a room full of beautiful analog gear to give that special loooove that it adds to any mix. Why spend all this time and not add the warm glow to all the tunes. With all the online AI mastering services, nothing beats a human with some talented non-deaf ears.

Either way, this is a MILESTONE. And it’s one day closer to getting released to your brainholes.

Next step is uploading the finished songs to our distributor and waiting for it to make it through their system. During COVID, a bajillion people decided to release music and all of the distributors are still dealing with the backlog so, cats and kitlings, we are still likely another month out til the first single, Creepygirl is put out for full release. It’s coming, darlings! And it’s gonna mutate your DNA…

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