So we got all the files back from our masterer and everything is sent to the vinyl press. Unfortunately for all of us, the stupid “supply chain issues” are killing us on the time frame. We have been quoted a press date A YEAR FROM NOW!


Obviously, we could’ve gotten everything much faster had we just stuck to plain old BLACK vinyl. But that is not the way we roll! Expect some tasty vinyl coming at you (yes, a year from now. Shut up).

The main reason for the super long delay in the vinyl pressing of Sacred Psalms for the Lowered, is because we wanted WAX MAGE! If you’re not familiar, check out this sick shit. This guy creates some serious works of art with a bunch of plastic. Unfortunately, each vinyl “puck” is made by hand and then pressed into record flatness. There is a serious demand for his work so it pushed us back even further to get a time slot for him to do some wizard shit on our records.

It’s actually bad with almost all vinyl pressers. If you have any variants in your pressings (which we have SEVERAL), there isn’t a press that can get it to you earlier than about 8-10 months anyway.

So the key takeaway here is that there will be some amazing wax from The LUSTS, but when it goes live for sale, some of the best stuff is gonna go quickly. So come back soon when we finally set up our mailing list to get news on when everything is gonna happen.

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